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The financial system is inherently unbalanced and unequal. Instead of supporting those most in  need, our society’s political and cultural structures perpetually suppress the growth of minority  communities– especially girls of color. These inequities and their embedded legacies can be  overwhelming, unwieldy, and intimidating to tackle.


Chloe McKenzie is creating a new reality. And she is starting where it matters most: the financial institutions that typically overlook financially disadvantaged population and school districts with high concentrations of girls of color. Chloe is revolutionizing the financial services industry and education system by offering  integrated, culturally-responsive financial and wealth literacy programs  and interventions so that we can break the  cycle of poverty. Armed with the skills, resources, and—most importantly—confidence they need to succeed, our communities will be empowered to articulate and assert their worth.

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What is BlackFem?


BlackFem is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to transform school-based learning so that girls of color in underserved communities are empowered with the skills habits and resources to build and sustain wealth.


Why do proceeds support BlackFem?


BlackFem creates adaptable curriculum that is customizable to  the needs of each school district,  and partner with administrators  and teachers on a regular, ongoing  basis to ensure the sustainability,  longevity, and effectiveness of the  program. Ultimately, BlackFem is  moving the needle on students’  success– both in and outside the  classroom.


What are other projects are you supporting?


On A Wealth Kick also partners with institutions to design more financially inclusive products, fight against liquid asset poverty, and deliver more accessible consumer education.